2019 Trifecta 23CSS 3.0+ - $119,900   200 H.P. Mercury

stock #3366 Vin #65E919 This Pontoon comes with a 200 H.P. Mercury Outboard 4 stroke , and boat trailer , blackout package , lighting package , luxury package 1 , full camper enclosure , in floor storage , and 3.0+ performance package with full Center tube , seastar hydraulic steering and more....Please call or e-mail us anytime at 1-506-388-5751 or toll free at 1-888-820-0080 or e-mail us at PineAcresMoncton@gmail.com At Pine Acres RV in Moncton, we know that service is important to you. Shop on-line with our up to date website www.PineAcresRV.com Ask us about our 6 month deferral program and the possibility of cash back in any of our payment quotes. Stock # 3366

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